V International Meritocracy Congress: Schedule

08:00 - 08:05 am 


Jorge Alirio Ortega Cerón 

Commissioner President of CNSC 

08:05 - 08:20 am 

Formal greetings 

  • Nerio José Alvis Barranco  
  • Director of Administrative Department of the Civil Service
  • Sergio Arboleda University Delegate Greetings
  • Greetings from the delegate of the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina

08:20 - 09:20 am 

Paper 1.  

Use of emerging technologies in the management of administrative careers in Colombia

Jorge Alirio Ortega Cerón  

Commissioner President of CNSC 

09:20 - 10:20 am 

Paper 2.  

Artificial intelligence and human resource management: Institutional capabilities to face new challenges.

Miquel Salvador Serna 

Professor Department of Political Science, Pompeu Fabra University

10:20 - 11:20 am 

Paper 3.  

Foundations for Digital Meritocracy in the Public Sector

Florian Marcus 

Advisor to the Digital Transformation Program of the Government of Estonia

11:20 - 12 m 

Panel I  

Miquel Salvador Serna  

Florian Marcus 

Frídole Ballén Duque (Moderator) 

Commissioner CNSC  

12:00 – 02:00 pm 


02:00 - 03:00 pm 

Paper 4.  

The transformation of public employment in Colombia to ensure success in the 4RI

Diego Molano Vega 

International consultant and former Minister of ICT - Colombia.

03:00 – 03:35 pm 

Paper 5.  

Emerging Technologies in Recruitment: The Canadian Public Service Experience

Patrick Borbey 

President of the Public Service Commission of Canada

03:35 - 04:15 pm 

Panel II 

Patrick Borbey 

Diego Molano 

Mónica María Moreno Bareño (Moderadora) 

Commissioner CNSC  

04:15 - 05:00 pm 

Conclusions and closure

Jorge Alirio Ortega 

Commissioner President CNSC