About the Congress

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Faced with the dynamics that the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution demands from the corporate world, it is crucial to analyze those related to the essential labor competencies for Public Administration 4.0; and, especially, those that are been redefined by the application of emerging technologies.

Therefore, the "V International Meritocracy Congress: Application of emerging technologies in the management of human talent in the public sector" has focused on addressing the challenges faced by Public Administration 4.0; concerning the application of the emerging technologies; and the strengthening of the labor competencies that public employees need to respond assertively to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In the development of the PEI 2020-2022, the International Meritocracy Congress is part of the Comprehensive Training Strategy, aimed at public entities subject to the administration and oversight of the administrative career by the CNSC, in compliance with three main purposes:

•    To transfer explicit knowledge on doctrine, guidelines, and unified concepts on merit and administrative career to public entities.

•    To generate in the Personnel Commissions and Human Resources Offices of public entities, or value groups, greater capacities oriented at strengthening the merit system and management of the administrative career.

•    Improve the inter-institutional training offer and contribute to the training processes in those topics of the interest in charge of the CNSC.

For the 2021 version of the V International Congress on Meritocracy, the Full Chamber of Commissioners, in its interest to expand the coverage of the entity's impact on issues associated with administrative career management and raise its visibility with prestigious entities at the international level, for this new version chose to develop an online event, through social networks, to reach a larger audience simultaneously at the national and the international level, during the day of November 4, 2021, with real-time broadcasting from the Auditorium Hall 74 of the Sergio Arboleda University, located at Calle 74 #14-25, in the city of Bogota.